What We Do

Fine Art Works Ltd, formerly Chelsea Frames are based in rural Cheshire supplying clients across the UK and abroad.

As a company we have over 30 years’ experience of sourcing, producing and styling high quality artworks to hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Our focus is the imaginative use of pictures to tell the story of each individual venue and create character to  enhance the customer experience and reflect your brand.

Every artwork we produce is individual, with a highly qualified team of craftspeople. Each frame is matched for period style or required look and content.  This is a highly bespoke response to each brief

At Fine Art Works we also regard the fitting and styling of  paintings and artefacts as part of the creative journey and our experienced team will ensure your venue’s visual presence and traffic flow is maximised.

We truly believe that expertly researched, selected and stylised artworks contribute to a venue’s bottom line –

Fine Art Works!

For more information or discuss a project or idea please email Ross@fineartworks.co.uk


Each project is a journey and with 30 years’ of expertise we have an outline approach that helps us achieve your look and objective. .


This is the most important part of the journey. We need to understand your business, your customers and what you are looking to achieve and also the look you wish to achieve.  This usually involves a visit to the venue to assess the internal and external space, the environment, usage areas and customer flow.


With 30 years’ of experience in the business members of our team have developed a keen eye for selection of images, with others more formally qualified in design and Art History. This ensures robust research into the heritage of your venue and that the collection produced is bespoke and individualised, adding history and interest for your customers.

Images and Prints

We have an extensive collection of prints that have been compiled and sourced over 30 years in the business, some of which are not available anywhere else and are our own copyright.  Again, this ensures an individuality of look for you. Understanding, recommending and pushing the boundaries on images selected then establishing, maintaining and refreshing these across venues and over time that is part of the ongoing journey and development we take with our clients.

Antique Frames

Each image is matched individually to an antique or decorative frame.We have an extensive stock to suit the period look you wish to achieve and ONLY use old or antique frames – not fake (unless that’s the look you want)

Bespoke Frame making

Should your brief required we have a production team that can make bespoke frames to your requirement modern or traditional.  We can advise and recommend which appropriate

Styling and Installation

We regard the styling and installation of your artwork collection into the venue as part of the creative approach and do not leave this to joiners.  Fine Art Works has a team of 2 who ensure that the visual impact is maximized.

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